Animating in Minecraft Part 2: Five LEGO Stop Motion Shorts

Posted by Rebekah Cook on

The short movies below use the Lego Minecraft kits and characters to create some stop motion action! To see some of our favorite digital Minecraft animations, check out our previous post here.

The Redstone Contraption

Steve shows off his latest Redstone invention to his pig, Mr. Ham, revealing the depth of his brilliance—and the height of his laziness. Made by The Action Brick (TAB), this tongue-in-cheek social commentary has even skeletons shrugging their shoulders at the lengths we will go to to avoid simple tasks.

Those Annoying Creepers

Besieged by slimy green creepers, Steve tries various schemes to leave his home, but is foiled at every turn. Brickfilmer Plastic Awesomeness proves that you don't always need dialogue to tell a fun story if you have music to help set the right mood. The flickering throughout is caused by inconsistent lighting and/or shadows caused by the animator's hand.

Pass the Bread

Who will end up with the coveted loaf? The voice acting and perfect pacing make up for repetitive dialogue in this comedic short from WoodrowVillage.  The mix of Minecraft and traditional Lego gives a nice, full feel to the garden set. Camera angles and focus are well chosen, and the sound design is stellar. In fact, whether you mute the sound, or listen to it without watching the video, you can still follow the story. Go ahead, test it!

Dev's Busy Day

This stop motion debut by budding young Youtuber Devin Huynh features multiple building sets, including The Farm, The First Night, and The Cave. "Dev" goes about his day casually defeating dangerous foes until it's time for bed. The theme is simple, but provides valuable practice in animation techniques. Bonus points for including your own sound effects and voices, Devin!

Skeleton Rides A Bike

Precious Donkey Studios presents the friendliest Skeleton we've seen yet. The animals stare intently as he works to master the art of his new two-wheeler. The sinking and lava action at the end is awesome! It turns out there are perks to only having bones...if you don't break them.