Stop Motion & Time-Lapse Builds

Posted by Rebekah Cook on

Time-lapse videos are fun to watch. Combine time lapse with stop motion, and you have something magical!

Chris Herridge “accidentally” started making the animation below when he began documenting his rebuild of an old truck engine with his DSLR camera—which he admits ended up covered in engine oil. Although this video is his sole upload to Youtube, he now has millions of views and over 2500 subscribers!

Once Chris decided to create the animation of his process, he dropped back to better design his approach. Using storyboards to visualize all the angles he would need, he then continued taking pictures of his progress over several months, dropping the photos into Adobe Premiere to animate in time to music. He even planned in some funny by revealing “forgotten” nuts and bolts when he finally drives off in his beloved truck.

Look like something you'd like to try? You don't have to be an auto mechanic to pull it off! Here's a simple, yet effective, stop-motion build tutorial by PurePlasticBuilders, showcasing a modular Lego Minecraft Micro World Forest.

For being held in place manually and not anchored during the build, the animation is decently smooth. The tiny 1x1 bricks are snapped into place in tempo to a rousing bagpipe tune. If you've got your own set, this is easy enough to follow along. And if not, it's mesmerizing simply to watch.

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