Feature: Wolf and Pig

Posted by Rebekah Cook on

Stop motion is a versatile art form. You can animate toys, everyday objects, people, digital layers, paper cut-outs, sculpted clay, and more! Creativity can be explored not only in subject matter and plot, but also by revealing a simple story in a fresh way.

While new gadgets and techniques are a blast to experiment with, we at StopMotion Explosion enjoy expanding our creative diet retroactively as well as mastering the technology available to us today. We give you...

Wolf and Pig

Director Taijin Takeuchi tackles an animation within an animation (anima-CEPTION!) in this short film. As we are given a virtual tour of a tiny apartment, he "animates" a series of printed photographs by pasting them in sequence on walls, floors, and even furniture!

Superimposing the photographed story onto the "real" set captures both attention and imagination. At one point, the sink is even cleverly converted to a swimming pool to further the collision of worlds. Shifting the angle between pictures and jumping from scene to scene pulls you into each perspective to narrate the carnivorous chase. Twists and turns literally abound, with a punchline ending that leaves you back where you started, reeling from the quirky world glimpsed in the envelope.

For even smoother action throughout, try watching the video in 1.5 speed (via the settings wheel icon)—but be forewarned about the resulting jittery music.