Breakdance Chess

Posted by Rebekah Cook on

A standard chessboard is transformed into a hip dancefloor in this stop motion short from Studio Flox

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Breakdance Chess

Although this German animating team (pictured below) doesn't mind getting complex, they also enjoy pulling off creative concepts with simpler sets like this one. But then, at barely 30 seconds, neither do they belabor the point.

Two teams of chess "characters" face each other in a dance-off to showcase their best moves. The choreography plays well with the music cues, flipping, spinning, breakdancing, and even a couple dance between an opposing king and queen. The final flurry leaves the most common of chess casualties—a pawn—collapsed and breathless from all the exertion. 

The lighting is bright and even, with soft shadows, indicating a diffusing light source like a softbox (lights set within a frame covered with heat-resistant white fabric). Using a curved track for the camera is key for producing the smooth moving shot, spacing each frame at regular, tiny intervals for a steady pace in the edit.

You can visit their Facebook page for other fun shorts and making of featurettes not available elsewhere on the 'net.