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Posted by Nate Eckerson on

The ModiBot Kickstarter Campaign has successfully funded. Thanks for your support! Preordering now unlocks additional figures.

I'll take care of this

A few weeks back, I met Wayne Losey. Wayne and his partner Tucker Johnson have been working on an exciting project that stop-motion animators are going to love.


The ModiBot is a brand-new posable figure. Like other building toys, ModiBots arrive as a pile of parts that snap together quickly. One ModiBot kit can be combined with other ModiBots to create new figures. Due to the flexible design and large assortment of accessories, the ModiBot is going to become a favorite character for animators everywhere.

Venture kit parts

ModiBots can currently be ordered from the Bot Shop at Shapeways, the 3D printing store. After meeting Wayne, I placed an order. It takes around ten days for the figures to be printed and shipped, but when they arrived, I made this quick video of unboxing and assembly of the ModiBot Mo- Poseable Venture Figure Kit.

I'm pretty happy with the design. While the nylon plastic Shapeways material creates high amounts of friction in the ball joints, I've handled one of the new molded plastic figures, and this friction will be a non-issue going forward. The joints have a perfect balance of friction and movement.

ModiBot proto shoot

While the final ModiBot design will be built from molded plastic, the Shapeways figures are "printed" from a textured nylon plastic material. The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to help bring the new molded figures to market. This is a great chance to pre-order a very cool toy with huge animation potential.

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