Feature: LEGO® Stop Motion College Football Ad - Sam Lawlace

Posted by Rebekah Cook on

Whether you are a stop motion maniac or a college football enthusiast, this creative brickfilm short promoting the games on ESPN scores a touchdown on every level. What's especially fascinating about this brickfilm is the absence of traditional minifigs.

Track the subtle camera movement and angle variations when they introduce each player. Combined with precise movement of the figure, this is an effective technique to improve the pacing of your story. The scope of the field gives space to zoom out and contrast with the tight shots, and the careful use of fake stadium lights heightens the overall realism of the set.

Notice how the gold and white figures are intentionally larger than the players seeking to get past them. The tougher the obstacle, the more impressive it is to conquer. And check out that flip over the opponent at 0:44—such a sweet twist to the choreography!

Finally, pay attention to the sound effects: pads banged aside, thumping footsteps, the soft grunts of blows and falls, and even the shrill whistle of fireworks over the falling confetti. Hear how each element helps bring the animation to life.

Animator Sam Lawlace won the bid to make this ad for LEGO® and ESPN. If you're a LOTR fan, you may have seen his most popular Youtube release. Below, Sam shares how he got started in animation.