Biscuit Cake

Posted by Rebekah Cook on

Alan Traver's first attempt at stop motion animation was inspired by his girlfriend Dee, who quipped that she'd made her famous chocolate biscuit cake so many times that the ingredients could probably make it themselves! (for our American readers, biscuit = cookie in this recipe) Dee used the custom-made commercial when she entered Chef Factor, an Irish cooking competition.

Biscuit Cake

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy supplies a highly appropriate musical backdrop for the sweet and whimsical ingredients swirled in this cake. And have you ever met such cheerfully heroic eggs? 

Alan shares that "it took a full week (2,485 photos and 2 panning videos) to shoot and edit" his stop motion debut. Though somewhat blurred at times, the animation still proves effective. In fact, Alan was later tapped to create a series of similar videos for a company selling specialty ovens!

On social media, these stop motion recipe tutorials have become quite popular. Not only is it faster, and fun, to see the sequential steps happen without a human in the mix...but it looks easier to try out ourselves as well.

Want to feature a favorite recipe in your next animated video? If you already have your explosive Stopmotion animation kit, the only other ingredients you need might just be in the kitchen. ;)