iLove You & the Punk Rocker

Posted by Nate Eckerson on

We've loved all the new submissions from users featuring our 1080P camera! The quality is on a whole 'nother level.

iLove you is a classic story of a man on a quest to win the heart of the girl, except this time he's going to buy the entire contents of the computer store to make it happen. Does his strategy succeed? Find out above!

iLove you is our first feature from BrickWolf Animation Studio. This studio is worth a subscribe!

This short clip was made for the 8x8x8 Brick-A-Brack contest by Thunderstruck Productions, the restrictions being that you have to keep the animated elements within an 8x8x8 cube.

This also the creator's first submission, so welcome! Check out more of his animation work at the links above!