HD Stop Motion Software: Stopmotion Explosion Animator (Windows)

Posted by Nate Eckerson on

After supporting Stopmotion Animator (SMA) for many years, I decided it was time to re-write the software and create a better stop motion app for the 21st century.

Today, you can download the new Stopmotion Explosion Animator application, and instruction guide from the Downloads page (Windows only).


  • HD webcam support!
  • Import existing frames
  • Basic timeline
  • Adjustable onion-skinning
  • Flip between live video / last frame
  • Resizable video window
  • Delete frames
  • Save frames as .BMP / .PNG / .JPG
  • Export .AVI / .MP4 video files
  • Multiple codec options
  • Adjustable export bitrate

Good news is, if you've recently purchased an Animation Kit, or one of our Stopmotion Cameras, you'll find that Stopmotion Explosion Animator unlocks their HD potential. Using the Camera Resolution menu, you should be able to select higher resolutions than were previously available in SMA.

As always, questions and feature requests should be directed to the Helpdesk. Thanks!