Sneak Preview: The NEW Stopmotion Explosion Camera

Posted by Nate Eckerson on

For those who are patiently waiting for the newest version of the Stopmotion Explosion kit to be released. I've been running tests on the camera, and here are the results!

The handy clip allows you to attach the camera to almost any surface. Here the camera is anchored to a stack of LEGO bricks. You could fasten the camera to the edge of a table, suspend it from a shelf, or wrap it around the leg of a table. Totally up to you, and how you like to shoot.

You may also fold the camera clip underneath, which makes the camera about 2" high, putting the lens at eye-level with LEGO minifigs.

This webcam continues our tradition of offering a stop motion camera with good manual controls. Twisting the focus ring will allow you to focus on objects that are very close to the lens surface. This is an actual image captured from the camera (click for high-res).

A final surprise - the camera now includes an internal microphone! This can be used to record dialog and sound effects for your films.

Installing the camera on Windows is simple as running the installation driver. OS X users will be able to plug the camera in and start shooting immediately. Camera resolution remains the same, a standard-definition 640 x 480 frame.

I'm excited to be including this camera in future versions of the kit. Orders placed today should start shipping within the next few weeks - check the animation kit product page for details.