Chroma-keying in Windows Movie Maker

Posted by Nate Eckerson on

Green screen effects in Windows Movie Maker? Is this really possible? Yes it is! If you're skeptical, follow along and be convinced!

Links & Instructions

You can install WMM 6.0 on all versions of Windows following XP. Users of XP will need to install WMM 2.6. You can find installers for both with a little googling, or by visiting the video editing tutorial page.

Make sure that you install either the 64 bit, or 32 bit version depending what kind of computer you have (to check your system, follow instructions in this article, or on Windows 8, search for the "System" menu, and check the "System Type" field). 

RehanFX Shaders & Transitions

The developer Rehan has created a piece of custom software (ShaderTFX) that integrates with WMM 6.0, allowing green and blue chroma-keying to be achieved. The effect is applied in the form of a transition between two clips, one containing the background, and the other containing footage with areas to be keyed out.

You can download the software from Rehan's website. Make sure that you're installing either the 32 or 64 bit version as needed. While there is a $15 fee to use the effects included with the package after the 14 day trial expires, the transitions - including the green and blue screen transitions - will continue to work. However, consider supporting the developer by purchasing their software!

Download Link:
Direct Links: ShaderTFX 32 bit, ShaderTFX 64 bit

Important note. If you try to install ShaderTFX on most newer versions of Windows, you'll see the error message below.

To fix this, you first need to install a particular set of DirectX libraries, which can be downloaded via this link. Then try installing ShaderTFX again.