ModiBots: Animation Part 1

Posted by Nate Eckerson on

If you’ve ever tried animating with a ModiBot or similar action figure, you'll quickly learn that gravity is your worst enemy. It’s very difficult to pose your figure when it keeps falling down!

There are many simple ways you can attach a ModiBot to a table surface. Double-sided tape, clay, silly-putty, blu-tac and other sticky materials are great temporary solutions, and will work with any kind of figure.

Tape is a perfectly acceptable way to attach your ModiBot to the ground. If the tape is clear, it's not very noticeable. Check out the video below for an example.

Pro tip — instead of clear tape, you can buy rolls of clear 1” stickers. Normally used on the backs of envelopes, a roll of 5000 will last you a long time.

This animation was made using the round stickers mentioned above to anchor the ModiBot to the table surface.

Verdict — Of the three table-attachment methods I experimented with, using tape or stickers offered the best combination of speed and security. The only downside is the visibility of the attaching material in the finished animation.

In Part 2, learn how to make an animation table and screw-in tiedowns for your Modibot!