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Ever dreamed of making a movie about ninjas on a jeep being chased by a T-Rex? With Stopmotion Explosion, you can turn any idea into a real movie!


Stopmotion animation is made one frame at a time. Bring your ideas to life with easy to use animation software and cameras.


Save your movies as video files that can be uploaded to social media and video sharing sites!

The Kit

Get a bundle of stop motion animation power!

Animation Kit

The Animation Kit includes a high resolution 1080p HD camera, animation software and the 290+ page Stopmotion Explosion guide to creative filmmaking.

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The Book

Become a stop motion guru with the Stopmotion Explosion guide to animation.

Stopmotion Explosion Book

Stopmotion Explosion contains 290+ pages of example projects, hundreds of illustrations, and detailed step-by-step instructions for screenwriting, video editing, animating, audio recording and video processing software, no prior expertise required.

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Get the best image possible with a manual focus camera.

720p Stopmotion Explosion Camera

Whether you are looking for a camera suitable for animation, or wish to upgrade your existing stop motion setup, we have the camera for you.

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There are no limits to the objects, toys, and materials which can star in a stop motion film!

ModiBot Mo

Looking for a star who's a little more poseable than your favorite building block? Mo is ready to appear in your next movie! Choose from a variety of colors: orange, black, white, citrus green, army green, blue, ice blue, red, pink, gray, tan, purple and yellow.

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